Shanaya & Elina: Our Story

Two Mothers with Love for their little princesses and Passion for #empoweringgirls and #empoweringwomen around the World offer #boutique, beautiful, #handmade dresses. These pieces are made from cotton, linen, #handmadeembroidery, and #inbuiltpetticoat. Our girls will continue to bring grace, confidence, and elegance for the generations to come! We hope you enjoy wearing these dresses as much as we love making them for you!

Our products are all designed in the USA and manufactured both in the USA and overseas. All Embroidery is designed in the USA and is either handmade or machinery made. 

PLEASE ALLOW 8-10 weeks for preorder items to be shipped.


Welcome Valentina dress that offers you style, class, and comfort. Great outfit for a night out with parents, play date, a birthday party. There are no limit to ideas on where you can bring this beauty.

Anya Dress

Looking for Style, Comfort, Chic, and Statement! This is a beautiful everyday wear option for our amazing princesses


Nicolette Dress

We are all excited about 2021! Let's celebrate the new year with style, class, and comfort. We are introducing Nicolette Dress which is an idea tweed skirt dress with  an organza blouse top, detachable bow around the neck area. This is an amazing piece for a birthday party, back to school, playdate, or an event. Celebrate 2021 in class!

Willow Dress

Back to school has not been so stylish and classy. This is a vintage tweed dress that is a perfect outfit for any occasion: birthday party, play date, school, and many more. Don't miss this beauty!


This beautiful starlight dress is a true golden shine under any light direction. Poplin, two different tulle materials, cotton linen inner layer make this dress an absolute Starlight.


Introducing Grace and Class! This beauty is all tulle, golden lace, and velvet. It is lined with satin for comfort. This creation will be a show stopper.

Impossible Things Made Possible

 Alice in the Wonderland Dress brings a tribute to an amazingly talented, strong character that everyone loves! Soft blue satin covered with blue textured tulle throughout the dress, amazing detailed design collar with the same detail on the detachable apron with a handmade embroidery of a rabbit, which is made as a pocket on the side of the apron. The apron also forms into a beautiful sash on the back of the dress. 

Wishes Like Butterflies Come Only If You Keep Dreaming

A Customized tulle made specifically for Shanaya & Elina store comes with a yellow layer with beautiful flowers and pearls over a satin layer of full petticoat skirt. High quality velvet with matching color silk bow and bloomers. Our Daphne will steal the show!